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The sole purpose of child support is to protect the child or children in question. It is not intended to punish the individual required to pay or reward the custodial parent.

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Why do I need a lawyer?

A child support lawyer will guide you through the filing process and identify instances in which additional actions need to be taken. The attorney should provide answers to your questions, as well as advise you on child support modification opportunities, file your paperwork in a timely fashion, and, most importantly, ensure that your best interests are kept in mind for you and your child.

Child Support Modification

If you’ve already filed for child support and have calculated income incorrectly, or if your financial circumstances have changed, we can help arrange a child support modification order. Modifying child support will either increase or decrease the amount in support payments based upon your situation. Conversely, if you’re obligated to pay child support and your financial situation has changed, it’s imperative that you act quickly to get your child support modification secured.

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